Wuxi Huayan Bearing Sealing parts Co. Ltd. was set up in 1980. The company is a specialized enterprise, which produces different types of sealing parts, dust shields and ball bearings of medium and small series with deep groove.

Sealing parts and dust shields are leading products of us. We can produce them according object parts or drawings, presented by users. The company posses advanced equipment, perfect control measures, experienced technology of manufacturing and system of quality control. We use high quality domestic or imported material, observe the JB/T6639 and standards of world famous bearing enterprises.

Our products are widely used in mechanical , automobile, motorcycle, home electrical equipment, textile and chemical industries. Our products are exported to USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other more than 10 states or regions. The company produces also low noise ball bearings with deep groove, which are sold well as in China and abroad and gained good trust.

Our company observes Quality police : "Best products , Best loyalty , User's satisfaction , continues improvement" and received certificate of IATF 16949:2016. We manufacture and sell our products according international and China standards. Warmly welcome new and old Chinese and foreign users .


Huayan Culture:

1. Huayan Spirit : Be modest and brave in development.
2. Standards of action: Company's action is not action of boss, but collective concept of value. Be a man ,that is honest, respects others ,works hard, insists principles.
3. Manner of working: Do not ponder problems with one manner.
4. Inner functions:Base of a company is management, Source of development is continues improvement.Continues increase main ability of concurs in market.Create more and more value for users by our hard efforts.Train personal spirit of employees and increase their income.